Founded by Verity Collis, Panza + Fink is a British luxury label which creates quirky homewares and other select treats.

Reminding people to revel in all the best bits of life; the fun, celebratory parts and the profound, magical ones, we make fun-filled, heart-led products for life’s high vibers.

So, whether you’re dancing in a field with friends, or sitting quietly in another, we’ve got you covered ✌




All our products are made to be loved for a lifetime. We do not follow trends. We only use high quality, natural materials and continue to work at reducing our environmental impact.

We champion British manufacturing. All our pieces are made locally (in Berkshire, England) by highly skilled 'one-man bands'. Every piece is checked individually by Verity, ensuring that the quality of finish is always tip top.

Any supplied products (like our mugs!) are sourced from independent companies based within the UK.

Please visit our Ethical + Environmental page environmental for further info.




A creative, vibrant soul since she was a child, Verity’s (or Panza, as she’s known to her family) career started at some the best interior designers in London, Ann Boyd Design + Argent Design, to name two. Here she honed her eye and developed a passion for high end furniture and fabric.

At the weekends, she threw lavishly imaginative parties for friends, whilst diligently exploring (!) the London party scene and during the summer; festivals.

Then suddenly, at the end of her 20’s, the parties stopped. She’d developed ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The innate fun-lover sprit never faded but the years of suffering ‘seemed to spank another kind of spirit into me’.

Now, alongside the fun, her designs also dip a toe into something deeper.

'I make to remind people to revel in all the best bits of life. The fun, celebratory parts and the profound, magical ones.'

Sent out to kindred sprits far and wide, Panza + Fink pieces blaze as a beacon for a more connected, vibrant world.




Thank you for being here : )  If you like what we do, please visit our shop and please give us a shout with any queries.